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9 Different Face Sheet Masks

9 Different Face Sheet Masks

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(1) ALOE (SOOTHING): Hydrates and soothes sensitive or damaged skin.

(2) AVOCADO (NOURISHING): Provides extra nutrition to revitalize dry and rough skin.

(3) BLUEBERRY (FIRMING): Restores skin’s suppleness and vitality.

(4) CHARCOAL (PURIFYING): Absorbs impurities and minimizes pores for soft and elastic skin.

(5) COLLAGEN (ELASTICITY): Gives elasticity to the loose skin.

(6) CUCUMBER (COOLING): Provides moisture to dull, dry skin.

(7) GREEN TEA (HYDRATING): Infuses skin with moisture to clarify your complexion.

(8) TEA TREE (REFRESHING): Refreshes tired skin and provide deep moisture.

(9) VITAMIN (BRIGHTENING): Provides a radiant complexion and brightening effect.

How to Use :

[Step 1] Apply sheet mask evenly onto your face.

[Step 2] Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, and peel it off.

[Step 3] After removing the mask, gently massage the remaining essence for better absorption.

Made in Korea | No Paraben and No Alcohol | No Animal Testing

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